Frequently Asked Questions

What home can I afford?

This depends on a lot of things: your income, your savings, your credit score, and your current financial obligations. The formula’s actually pretty complex. Fortunately, lenders can provide you all of the details, and they do it at no charge. (For a list of local recommendations, click here.)

Can I buy a home and sell my current one at the same time?

Yes, but it can be tricky. For instance, if you buy a home before you sell the one you’re in, you might find yourself overextended financially. If you sell before you buy, you might end up needing to rent in the interim. But there are ways to do both at once! One option is for us to propose a “sale contingency” in your contract. (This means you only agree to buy a home if you can sell the one you’re in. The only downside is if your seller doesn’t agree, which is possible if they want the timing set in stone.)

How many homes should I see before making an offer?

That’s entirely up to you! It’s entirely likely you’ll have viewed hundreds of homes online before we officially tour a home together. Some clients find their dream house right away. Others search for the better part of a year. Of course, you also have the option to build and if you’re interested, I happen to know an incredible builder. (Hint: he’s my husband!) Get the details here.

What do you think the seller will accept as a fair price?

This is also highly subjective. Speaking generally, knocking 5% off the list price in a first offer doesn’t ruffle feathers, but there are other variables to take into account like how hot the local market is and how long the house has been listed.

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Hi, I’m Melanie.

I understand there are a lot of emotions around the decision to buy. It’s normal to feel exhilarated one moment and terrified the next (not just because of the financial and geographic changes, but also the unknowns). As your partner, I’ll help you unclutter the process and as your advisor, I’ll advocate for your best interests every step of the way.

How do I know if the property is a good deal?

This is where my professional expertise comes in! While there’s no guarantee on whether a certain home is a bargain and will appreciate, there are lots of factors that are reliable indicators (for instance, the ranking of the school district and the proximity to sought after-amenities like commuter routes and beaches). We’ll also check out comps—what similar properties are selling for in the area and whether those prices have been going up or down in the recent past.

How quickly can I close?

Typically, the entire process takes about a month from when we first submit an offer.

Should I get a home inspection?

Yes! (Most lenders will require it anyway.) Depending on the results, the inspection might also serve as leverage to re-negotiate the initial offer.